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Advice to Help Find the Right Auto Transmission Repair Shop in Tampa

In Tampa, transmission repair shops are all around. Repairing transmissions however can be a challenging field of expertise. It may be a difficult choice to find the right Tampa transmission repair shop for your car. All you have to do is check out the transmission shop prior to taking in your car to ensure you are going to a reputable automotive transmission shop. Here are some pointers for choosing the right transmission shop in Tampa.

Transmission repair shops should know and work on your make of vehicle as well as the style transmission you have. Repetitive vehicle repairs help make auto and transmission mechanics wise to your car. If you drive an Audi, make sure that your transmission shop repairs Audi, or if you drive a BMW or Mercedes, it is important that the repair shop works on these vehicles and you are not their first one!

Computerized equipment is a must on today’s cars. All cars have computerized systems and one piece of test equipment does not fix every car. Your transmission shop should have quality factory or equivalent aftermarket equipment for your car. This is key for proper diagnoses and transmission computer repairs on today’s cars and trucks.

Experience of the transmission builder is very critical. A great transmission builder not only knows how to properly disassemble and reassemble your transmission, but just like a detective, can pinpoint the underlying cause of failure to help prevent another transmission failure. This process ensures that a transmission gets rebuilt properly and does not have the same problem months later. The transmission builder needs lots of tools and skills as well as keen common sense to repair today’s transmissions.

ASE certified mechanics are great to have working on your car. The mechanics that diagnose, repair, pull and or reinstall your transmission need to be certified and have the expertise to work on your make and model of car. These quality mechanics help ensure that your car leaves with all the bolts in it, no more problems and no leaks. Transmission mechanics also need many different types of automotive tools to properly and accurately repair your car.

Transmission shops that offer other automotive repairs are a plus. Whether you need a clutch or an engine repair, a shop that performs transmission repairs and can still perform other automotive repairs means you can ensure getting your car repaired at one shop. It is a bad situation when you take in your car only to find out the auto repair shop has disassembled your car and now they can not do the repairs you need. Now you have to tow it to some other shop that can fix it. Make sure that your transmission shop is advanced and does more than transmission repairs to prevent this problem from happening.

Checking out the transmission shop may help you choose a great shop in Tampa to repair your transmission. The Better Business Bureau, Google, websites and or reviews as well as word of mouth referrals are a great starting point to find the right transmission mechanic shop for you. Take the time to research your transmission shop in Tampa prior to bringing it in to ensure your car is accurately and properly repaired when it leaves.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Transmissions, What are They?

Transmission and engine repair is crucial to owning an automobile. Having a good strategy on auto repair and maintenance is key to keeping your aging car on the road. Some auto owners struggle with knowing what to do and when to do what on their cars. Below is an article to inform you about engines and transmissions on your car...

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Transmission Repair Tampa by Guy's Automotive

If you hear or feel your transmission slipping or poor response occurs in shifting from gear to gear or your check transmission dashboard light/ OD (over drive) light comes on or flashes, bring your tired transmission to Guy’s Automotive for a complete diagnostic analysis. We rebuild transmission on-site and can install quality rebuilds as an option. The transmission goes through the following process. We scan the computer for codes when applicable. We pull the transmission and fully disassemble it. The parts are thoroughly inspected for damage and all shafts, drums, stators, pistons, drums, plates, and sprags are checked to factory specifications. All wearable parts, gaskets, and seals are replaced as well as any other parts that are not up to proper specifications. The valve body is also rebuild and checked. The transmission cooler is flushed or replaced. The computer system is reset and or updated if applicable. We use only the top quality parts that will upgrade or improve the longevity of your transmission. At Guy’s Automotive we do complete diagnosis and repair on all Automatic or Manual transmissions. We perform work on worn out or sticking clutches including replacement with flywheel machining available.

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