Sunday, November 27, 2011

Transmission Repair Tampa by Guy's Automotive

If you hear or feel your transmission slipping or poor response occurs in shifting from gear to gear or your check transmission dashboard light/ OD (over drive) light comes on or flashes, bring your tired transmission to Guy’s Automotive for a complete diagnostic analysis. We rebuild transmission on-site and can install quality rebuilds as an option. The transmission goes through the following process. We scan the computer for codes when applicable. We pull the transmission and fully disassemble it. The parts are thoroughly inspected for damage and all shafts, drums, stators, pistons, drums, plates, and sprags are checked to factory specifications. All wearable parts, gaskets, and seals are replaced as well as any other parts that are not up to proper specifications. The valve body is also rebuild and checked. The transmission cooler is flushed or replaced. The computer system is reset and or updated if applicable. We use only the top quality parts that will upgrade or improve the longevity of your transmission. At Guy’s Automotive we do complete diagnosis and repair on all Automatic or Manual transmissions. We perform work on worn out or sticking clutches including replacement with flywheel machining available.

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